Scholarships and Financial Aid

These scholarships are offered from the university’s annual budget, including: merit-based scholarships, faculty and program scholarships, scholarships for dependents of faculty and staff, Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate Scholarships, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Scholarships, Scholarship of Birzeit Municipality, Mousa Nasir Scholarship, Layali Birzeit Grant, and others.

Students have to submit the Financial Aid Application to be considered for these scholarships.

These scholarships are provided to students in need through the donations of individuals and local and international organizations. Students must submit the Financial Aid Application to be considered for these scholarships.

When two or more siblings are enrolled in the university, these students are awarded sibling discounts, if they are not receiving any other grant or assistance covering tuition over the previous semester. Students are referred to the financial aid office to verify the family relationship between the student and his/her brothers or sisters enrolled in the university, and then determine the student beneficiary from the exemption, after making sure that no exemption or grant was awarded during the previous semester.

  • First brother/sister 0%
  • Second  sibling 15%
  • Third sibling 20%
  • More than three siblings 25%
  1. If students who are offered a scholarship or a loan have a returned surplus in their account, the extra amount of money (paid directly by the student) will be transferred to pay the following semester’s tuition fees. However, returned surpluses from scholarships or loans must not be given back to students;
  2. No student is allowed to demand a withdrawal from the returned surplus until fulfilling all graduation or university withdrawal financial requirements. Returned surplus is subjected to the following conditions:
    1. If the surplus is less than the total scholarships offered to the student, the returned surplus will be transferred to the university’s scholarship fund, and the student will not be able to take it back under any condition;
    2. If the surplus exceeds the total scholarships offered to the student until graduation, the surplus (the difference between the surplus and total amount of scholarships) will be transferred to the student’s account. Students cannot withdraw their returned surpluses until their financial files are closed after graduation or withdrawal; and
    3. Based on the agreement signed between the Higher Education Council and the university, if a student is offered a loan from the Iqrad Fund, the returned surplus will be transferred to the fund after the student’s financial file is closed after graduation or withdrawal. If the student is granted a scholarship and a loan at the same time, items (a) and (b) apply.

Financial aid covers many students’ needs through tuition fee installment, accommodation assistance, or pocket money.

The Loan Fund for Undergraduates in Palestine (Iqrad) grants student loans for Palestinian universities. Students pay the loans back after graduation with flexible conditions.

Deadlines for applying for loans are announced through Ritaj.

  1. Create a new account on and log in
  2. Fill the loan application by following the instructions added on the iqrad website and on Ritaj
  3. Hand in your identification papers to the Financial Aid Unit, after filling the loan’s application

Loan Benefits:

  • Students can pay loans back flexibly
  • Students can pay tuition fees in installments
  • Being eligible for other scholarships and aids opportunities
  • A student can benefit from loans in upcoming semesters in case he does not have any debts

For more information, visit Iqrad