Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For loans, a student first needs to complete a loan application through Iqrad (Loan Fund for Undergraduates in Palestine). The student then submits identification documents to the Financial Aid Unit.

The Financial Aid applications are completed online, along with the identification documents on Ritaj.

By filling out the application, it means that you are eligible to be nominated for the scholarship. However, having the scholarship depends on the decision of the donors and financial resources.

There is no certain time for sorting and filtering the applications. It depends on the availability of financial resources.

A student who cannot pay the full tuition fees and wants to get an installment must fill out the financial aid application and check with the Financial Aid Unit to complete the application.

Students are not considered among the eligible nominated list for a scholarship if they do not fill out the loan application.

The Financial Aid Unit located in Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al- Maktoum Building

Yes, you can. However, a student must bring a sponsor and do an adjustment for the loan for paying in the upcoming six months after receiving the certificate.

No. The university offers loans without interest.

A student cannot cancel the loan, but can benefit from the loan by saving it in the account to ease the payment of tuition fees in the upcoming semesters.