About the Unit

  • Reviewing the applications submitted professionally and time-efficiently
  • Cataloging the scholarships for students to reach out easily
  • Verifying the information the student provides
  • Introducing students to the scholarship and the loans the university offers
  • Providing a data repository about the students and scholarships
  • Ensuring good and professional governance regarding special cases

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for financial aid:

  1. The student must have financial need and/or  be registered with the Ministry of Social Development and/or the family breadwinner must suffer from a chronic disease or is deceased.
  2. Student’s family must have  more than one sibling enrolled in the university.
  3. Student must be a regular full-time student at the university.
  4. Student must have finished at least one academic semester (12 credit hours or more).
  5. Student must complete the financial aid application.
  6. Student must prove eligibility to get a scholarship or financial aid.
  7. Student must submit all required documents.
  8. Student’s academic merit is not less than 68%.
  9. Student is not benefiting from another scholarship from any other source


Headed by the Dean of Students’ Affairs, the Scholarships and Financial Aid Committee also includes a number of faculty and staff members, as well as the Secretary of the Financial Committee of the Student Council.  It is responsible for choosing eligible students for scholarships or financial aid, relying on certain standards and criteria.

The Social Survey is the application that determines a student’s eligibility for need-based financial aid. To achieve greater transparency, the university has developed a special computerized system for the student grant and financial aid process, facilitating the Social Survey.

The financial aid office has developed a portal through Ritaj for accessing Social Survey applications that are filled out by students, along with electronically attached supporting documents. This procedure has significantly facilitated the sorting of these applications according to the standards adopted by the financial aid committee to ensure the proper and fair distribution of grants and aid.

Members of the Grants and Financial Aid Committee, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs, then review each social survey.

After the completion of the data collection phase, available grants and scholarships are distributed to students in need, according to the priorities the committee has established (see above).