BoT Responsibilities

The BZU Board of Trustees exercises the following authorities and responsibilities:

  • The election of new Board members, acceptance of the resignation of BoT members, the election of the BoT Chair, deputy chair, secretary general and treasurer from among its members, the election of members to the Executive Committee.
  • Formulates the general policy of the University and appraises performance.
  • Manages the financial resources of the University, its investment and future sustainability.
  • Discusses for final approval the proposed annual plan and budget submitted by the President of the University, the President’s annual report, and the final accounts for the previous year.
  • Appoints the University president, vice-presidents and deans.
  • Approves the opening of branches of the University, or the creation, incorporation or closure of faculties, institutes or centers at the University.
  • Approves and amends the general law governing BZU, in addition to regulations related to the University’s academic, administrative and financial affairs. 
  • Approves construction projects at the University.
  • Concludes cooperation agreements, affiliations or partnerships with institutions whose objectives are compatible with those of the BoT.
  • Appoints a legal advisor and an external auditor.