The Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs

V.P. for Administrative and Financial Affairs

The Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Office assumes the responsibility of logistics at the university, providing, following-up and supervising its financial and administrative mandates, which includes follow-up of university affairs: financial, personnel administration, buildings and everything related to development and maintenance.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Oversee university accounts management, and application of all contracts, agreements and transactions between the university and other parties, and preparing periodic financial reports and budget, while monitoring their implementation according to the planned indicators, in addition to preparing the final financial statement at the end of each year to be submitted to the university auditor by the president
  • Manage the affairs of all staff, excluding members of the academic staff, teaching and research assistants, in terms of promotion, termination, job descriptions, in accordance to the adopted laws and regulations
  • Oversee the procurement of supplies, registration, control, storage and distribution
  • Oversee information services at the university
  • Supervise the engineering office, and matters relating to the university campus, and maintenance, public safety and public services for students, faculty and staff

The Office of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs includes: