Mohammad Al-Amleh

Visual impairment was not a match for Mohammad, who made it his life’s mission to follow his dreams. He enrolled in the Arabic Language and Literature Department at Birzeit University, where his talent and skills cemented his reputation as a student par excellence.

Mohammad’s visual impairment was the result of an unfortunate medical error that deprived him of oxygen during childbirth, destroying his retina. Devastating as that may be, Mohammad showed perseverance the likes of which is only seen in novels and films and continued in the path toward achieving his dreams.

Birzeit University, Mohammad said, was a welcoming home that attended to his needs and provided not only the tools for him to succeed but also introduced him to friends and colleagues that helped him achieve academic excellence.

“The path to success is littered with obstacles and hardships, but it’s a path worth taking after all. Follow your dreams and be the best version of yourself that you can be,” Mohammad said, addressing his fellow students.

Mohammad Khatib

Mohammad Khatib and Mohammad Al-Amleh have more than one thing in common. They were both very adamant in achieving everything they set out to do despite an unfortunate visual impairment. Khatib’s achievements crossed the realm of academia into many other fields. He is a talk-show host, an accomplished volunteer, and a future entrepreneur who is planning to launch his own radio station.

“I chose Birzeit University because it has the perfect blend of academic excellence and an open, encouraging atmosphere where creativity runs in the air,” Khatib said, commenting on his decision to enroll at the university.

Khatib, apart from his community work and entrepreneurial plans, hopes to continue his academic career by enrolling in the Israeli Studies Master’s Program.

“The only obstacles that exist are the ones that we build from our negative ideas. We must find a way to adapt and make the best of our surrounding circumstances and situations.”