About the Committee for Persons with Special Needs

Established in 2008, the committee comprises a number of professors and staff members who represent various university components.

The committee is assisted by the Friends of People with Special Needs, a group of student volunteers established in 2010, which includes 66 students from various faculties and disciplines in the university. The group supports special needs students in all aspects of their university experience, such as aiding with test-taking, research tasks, and campus mobility. The group also helps targeted students to attend seminars, workshops, and public lectures, and get involved in field trips.

Special Needs services locations

Currently, the university hosts two locations where special needs services are provided: the Special Needs Lab, located in the Faculty of Arts – Room 101, and the Special Needs Resources Room in the Main Library.

Both locations include suitable tools, equipment, and specialized software, such as braille embossers, desktop and laptop computers, fixed and mobile text magnifiers, portable braille note-takers with braille displays,  voice devices that record and play lecture recordings and text files, text magnification software, and print-to-braille-conversion software.

The members, as of the 2019/2020 academic year, are: