The Vice President for Academic Affairs

V.P. For Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs Office supervises the achievement procedures of the university's mission, which dictates excellence in the fields of higher education, scientific research and community service. The office is an essential pillar of the university because of the tasks assigned to it in order to excel in various academic activities. The office is also responsible for academic development, in terms of organization, coordination and enhancement of teaching and research. The Office for Academic Affairs carries out its duties with the help of committees, including the Admission Committee and the Scientific Research Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities

  •  To supervise the faculties’ work and regular teaching in the institutes
  • To oversee the university’s library operations and the Student Affairs Deanship Office
  • To manage the Admission and Registration Department’s work, including activities and financial aid and to study and follow-up on the admission policy at the university
  • To supervise the affairs of the academic staff, teaching assistants and research assistants, and follow up on their performance, promotions and scientific research activities
  • To manage the scientific research of the academic staff at the university, and to provide them with financial support
  • To preside over the Academic Council
  • To supervise the academic development of the teaching staff through scholarships and financial support for scientific activities and research programs
  • To conduct studies in order to assess and develop curricula, study plans and programs for the purpose of improving quality standards at the university
  • To activate the university's relationships with various national higher education institutions

The Vice President for Academic Affairs office consists of  the following:


Business and Economics


Engineering and Technology

Graduate Studies

Law and Public Administration

Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions


  Art, Music and Design