Vision, Mission, and Values

Our vision

An Entrepreneurial institution with all its constituents actively engaged in knowledge production both nationally and globally.

Our Mission

Providing an autonomous enlightened university environment that celebrates freedom of thought and expression, embraces democratic practices and dialogue, and provokes excellence, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in teaching, learning and research to contribute to society’s progress and advancement through transformative knowledge and capacity development.

Our Values

The University law and associated regulations, processes and procedures follow principles and values that guide and inform performance of all its constituencies towards effective fulfillment of the University mission and vision.

  • Excellence: to provide a stimulating university environment that encourages learning, research, entrepreneurship and creativity and contribute to community development.
  • Equity and equality: to provide equal opportunity without prejudice or discrimination to all segments of our society, support greater role for women and give the priority due to persons with disabilities or from marginalized groups.
  • Freedom of expression: to safeguard academic freedom and the right to research and publish openly, foster knowledge exchange and dialogue with mutual tolerance and acceptance of opposing opinions and divergent beliefs.                       
  • Integrity and professionalism: to adopt good work ethics, best practices and high quality in our work environment and advocate personal responsibility, accountability, credibility, fairness and perseverance amongst our community.
  • Diversity: to encourage diversity of the university community of students, faculty and staff and to foster a sense of belonging, collegiality and engagement.
  • Sustainable development: to support active participation in community development through capacity building, policies and strategies development, raising environmental awareness and the conservation of limited resources to ensure institutional sustainability and continuity.
  • Lifelong learning: to motivate ongoing pursuit of personal and professional development, advancing skills and competencies and exchange of knowledge and ideas.