About Community Service

Birzeit University has adopted voluntary work as a graduation requirement. The voluntary work program aims to promote and spread the culture of volunteerism via the organization of activities and extracurricular projects, and encourage initiatives and innovations that target society.

The program instills the spirit of cooperation and responsibility among students towards community issues, enriching students’ personal experiences and opening up possibilities for the future.

“Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless.”
Sherry Anderson

The program oversees several daily, weekly, quarterly and annual projects and programs that provide voluntary services for the community in health, environment, agriculture, education, culture, olive picking, cleaning and landscaping. Some initiatives include “Friend of the Elderly and Orphan” project, “Put a Smile on the Faces of Patients” project, “Support People with Disabilities” project, "Friend of Each Patient" project and “Lending Used Textbooks” project. The program also seeks to strengthen volunteer work.

The voluntary work office at the Birzeit University Deanship of Student Affairs focuses on preparing students to become qualified volunteers in different areas of community service, through their participation in workshops and training courses, such as civil defense, first aid, international camps, projects, competitions and cultural festivals.

I find that the critics of voluntary service are all too often those who are prepared to accept such services when they require them but deride them with cynicism and skepticism when they see others helping and being helped.
―author Eva Hart