The Nursing program at Birzeit University

Birzeit University’s nursing program endeavors to prepare a unique and highly qualified nursing workforce and thus to support the comprehensive development and growth of the Palestinian health sector. The program imparts a curriculum that is built upon the foundations of multi-branched scientific research and academic performance. Aiming to play a leading role in the education of its students and, thereby, increase the quality of the health care system in Palestine, the department strives to continuously improve the quality of its academic level, using diverse techniques in research, education, training, and services.

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New graduate program in oncology nursing

Birzeit University’s Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions now offers registered nurses the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in oncology nursing. This program is unique in Palestine and the Arab region and considered a milestone in the field of nursing, as it goes beyond the traditional design of the local graduate nursing programs. As an interdisciplinary program, it combines different concepts and areas of knowledge. Including core nursing sciences, courses focus on oncology sciences and cover various topics such as types of cancer, diagnosis and treatment modalities, palliative care, and cancer prevention. Furthermore, the program offers the opportunity to conduct relevant research and obtain clinical training.