Strategic Objective 3

Objective 3: Community engagement embedded within the university culture and practices with active contribution to sustainable development.

"Advancing community engagement within an epistemic national context, linking university outputs in all forms with the needs of the society across segments and sectors, through proactive involvement that advances complementarity and impact on critical issues and supports intellectual exchange, openness, diversity and differentiation, in partnership with local and international organizations."

  1. Birzeit University contributes to creative solutions through the development of policies and the processes of planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  2. Specialist vocational programs and professional training and certification advance individuals’ and institutional capacities.
  3. Enabled entrepreneurial ecosystem supports business and social initiatives, innovation and enterprise within the university and the community. 
  4. Community programs and activities are geared towards social, economic, political and cultural needs of the society and implemented through local and international collaborations.
  5. Institutional policies and procedures integrate community engagement within the university fabric, involving wide spectra of the Palestinian society, both individuals and organizations, across public, private and civil sector.
  1. Number of professional diplomas and certificates offered
  2. New businesses and startups launched
  3. Partnerships and cooperation agreements with local and international institutions
  4. Community partners satisfaction