Strategic Objective 2

Objective 2: Active contribution to knowledge production and development nationally and internationally through research leading to innovative knowledge and products.

"Endorsing free and participatory thought that asserts reciprocity and interaction within the epistemic and the humanist domains, shifting research focus from a community of autonomous scholars towards a community of practice where practitioners and academics share and contribute equally to the entrepreneurial endeavors of the university; for entrepreneurialism works across disciplines in knowledge production and practice, and judges academic feat by relevance and impact within the domestic and the international spheres."

  1. Research capacities and capabilities are enhanced in the areas of basic and applied research.
  2. Research outputs advance new knowledge and applications with direct relevance to society.
  3. Research projects are implemented through local and international cooperation.
  4. Academic publications are significant in volume and impact and disseminated through refereed journals and scientific forums.
  5. Research outputs and results are in coherence with the epistemic, social and economic contexts.
  6. Active business/social incubator supports innovation and enterprise in the university.
  1. Annual volume of scientific publications and their classification
  2. Citation index and impact factors of scientific research
  3. Annual budget for scientific research
  4. Income of research activities
  5. Volume and scope of cooperation agreements and their geographic diversity