Strategic Objective 1

Objective 1: Competent graduates capable of work and production, committed to the realization of the Palestinian developmental goals.

"Developing an inclusive knowledge environment that stimulates creativity and entrepreneurship, through student-centered learning and diverse teaching and learning methods, and aligns academic curricula and co-curricular activities with the university’s values ​​and principles through periodic assessment of their outcomes to validate their currency and relevance to the dynamic needs of society and their impact on students and graduates competitiveness locally and internationally."

  1. Birzeit University has distinguished positioning in local and international higher education contexts.
  2. Academic programs meet the needs of society and comply with modern international standards.
  3. Community engagement is integral to educational processes asserting reciprocity and complementarity of the university’s academic and community roles. 
  4. Academic faculty and administrative staff attain advanced competencies and skills with distinct career paths and mechanisms for professional development. 
  5. Advanced methodologies of teaching and learning and effective assessment and evaluation methods provide students with equal and appropriate opportunities to enhance their progress and achievement.
  6. Communication and interaction channels with students are effective in supporting and informing the educational process.
  7. Diverse campus life enriches students’ experiential learning and broadens their sense of citizenship and social responsibility.
  1. Graduates employability
  2. Enrolled students and graduates satisfaction
  3. Graduation rate
  4. Employers satisfaction
  5. Career development of academic faculty and staff
  6. Students to academic faculty ratio
  7. Attrition rate
  8. University ranking and awards