The impact of Erasmus + International Credit Mobility (ICM)

ERASMUS+ opened the ICM (International Credit Mobility) project in 2014, to offer international students the experience of studying abroad.

Since then, many Birzeit University students have got the opportunity to experience learning in universities abroad, and many international students have been offered the chance to experience the life at Birzeit University.

Through ICM, students acquire fundamental skills that support their professional development, boost their employability and transversal skills.

Our Staff members are also invited to participate in training programs in countries abroad. Academics can also get the chance to experience teaching in international universities. New teaching and working methods are introduced to our faculty, after exchanging knowledge and expertise, while our staff can network with other international universities, to achieve the university’s vision to become renowned international university. The major outcomes of the exchange are positive, as staff members reflect on their exchange experience as being useful and productive.

ERASMUS + offers individuals the chance to explore new cultures, meet and engage with new people, and experience new learning methods. The ICM strengthens international ties between institutions.

Students and staff usually give positive feedback about the institutions encouraging more individuals to apply, and helps the institutions in becoming international and widely recognized. Students do not only view the ICM as an educational experience but also as a fun experience where they get to travel, make new friends, and develop their personalities as they learn to be more independent and responsible, as students mention “ ERASMUS+  is not a one year in your life, it’s your life in one year”.