Services & Facilities

Engineering Workshops Building

The first floor was constructed in 1984, while the second floor was built in 1995 with an area of 1,790 sq. meters, including the Faculty of Engineering workshops and the Faculty of Information Technology. The building was donated by Omar Aggad.

Electric Generator Building

Established in 1982 with an area of 185 sq. meters, it provides the university with electric power in emergency situations.

Water Reservoir

Built in 1997 at a capacity of 3,000 cubic meters, it provides water to the university buildings and special networks for fighting fire. This reservoir was supported by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.

Students’ Dormitories

Work is underway on students’ dormitories composed of three buildings with a total capacity of 600 students. The construction of the dormitories is supervised by Khatib and Alami Construction Office, with a grant from the Saudi Development Fund.

Staff Housing

Thirty-three rented apartments, from which 39 employees benefit, are available to Birzeit faculty, staff and guests.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Established in 1976 for the treatment of wastewater used by the university community in all buildings, the facility has a maximum production capacity of 600 cubic meters per day.

Maintenance Workshop

Established in 2002 at the Faculty of Engineering building with an area of 340 sq. meters, it includes civil, electrical and mechanical engineering workshops.

Guards Housing and Generators Building

Constructed in 1984 with an area of 100 sq. meters, it consists of accommodation for the university guards, in addition to two reserve generators for emergencies.

Michael and Sanniyah Hakim Observatory

Established in 2015, the observatory is located on the top floor of the Faculty of Education, on an area of 178 sq. meters with 120 sq. meters for the lobby. It contains a 16-inch modern telescope and a moving five-meter diameter dome. The observatory was donated by Ramez al-Hakim.

Naseeb Aziz Shaheen Auditorium

Constructed in 2015, the theater is equipped with modern technical features, and has a capacity of 860 seats with overflow seating for about 150. The theater is also prepared to receive individuals with special needs.