Green Campus

Birzeit University was one of the first educational institutions in Palestine to adopt the principle of green buildings. Its campus has been designed carefully using standards for eco-friendly buildings in order to plant in the hearts of students and staff love, preservation and defense of the land.

Birzeit University’s policies emphasize environment protection and preservation, reflecting concern for environmental issues through a serious strategy to raise environmental awareness. This means the adoption of sophisticated mechanisms and integrated solutions for water projects and power management. This strategy seeks to optimize the use of available resources and to realize the concept of sustainable development by investing in development tools and preserving the local environment.

Therefore, Birzeit University offers promising experience in the field of environmental management and greening of campus buildings, setting a realistic example for Palestinian society as it applies the concept of environmental management and sustainability to its structures, improves the quality of life of people living or working in those structures, and promotes awareness of the construction sector and its benefits.

The university has carried out a range of activities, seeking to preserve the environment and rationalize the consumption of resources necessary for the operation of buildings, and to save money and reduce waste. These activities are related to:

  • Heating buildings
  • Use of thermal insulation
  • Use of water
  • Use of electric energy
  • Use of solar energy
  • Use of solid waste
  • Parking
  • University gardens
  • Services for those with special needs

Birzeit University has many gardens planted with trees and flowers, as well as benches and sun shelters for students and staff to sit under.

The university has allocated 18 dunums for the botanical garden located near the southern gate, which will include all categories of Palestine plants when completed.

The university has established and is working to create a number of other gardens, most importantly:

  1. German garden located between the Faculty of Science building and the Graduate Studies Faculty building
  2. Hursh (small forest) garden.
  3. Faculty of Commerce garden
  4. Samir Owaidah garden
  5. Sports garden