About the project

Birzeit University, UNICEF, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) will use BZU’s Experiential Learning Objects model (xLOBs) to provide a live model for efficiently integrating effective teaching and learning approaches, based on contemporary best practices, into the formal educational system.

Birzeit University will use the xLOBs model to integrate life-skills and civic education into the newly released Palestinian curriculum for grades 1 and 3, as well as develop and research the methodology for assessing the acquisition of such life skills. 

The project has achieved the following outcomes:

  • Designed and developed 280 xLOBs supplementing the new Palestinian curricula for grades 1 and 3 in science and social sciences, Arabic Language, and mathematics.
  • Designed and developed a teacher training program on the implementation of learning objects in the classroom.
  • The developed learning objects are implemented in 20 pilot schools and are supported by supervisors and school principals.