About Muwatin

Muwatin Institute works to explore the definitions of democratic systems and human rights in all its inherent complications and paradoxes.

Through this work, the Institute will further our collective understanding of democracy and human rights both in its local context and through a vigorous engagement with the international discussion around these key issues both practically and theoretically - including, of course, the vital critical approach to both democracy and human rights and their histories.

This active work of knowledge production in the Institute is within a framework of protecting liberty, freedom and justice - not only as rhetorical tools but also as practical tools for societies that cherish humanity, strive for equality and justice and peace.

The Institute is committed to working towards improving the means and methods of a political system that respects the people’s will and dignity, in particular the Palestinian people. 


Muwatin strives to foster an interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, thus constructing the space to apply these intellectual and practical tools towards understanding our lived realities.

Our students and researchers benefit from the opportunities that we provide to connect with other academic and research institutes, local civil society, national institutions as well as foreign visiting researchers.

The Institute insists in engaging with the community to serve as a platform for those interested in understanding and impacting our lives. Particular attention is given to hegemonic and regulatory structures that have been heavily prevailing over the lives of Palestinians living in the colonial condition.

Muwatin strives to provide the space for intellectual inquiries on fundamental issues that concern the Palestinian people as we work collectively towards deconstructing colonialism and hegemony and constructing our national liberation. 


The Muwatin Institute consists of several elements including teaching, research, continuing education, community outreach, and an information centre on democracy and human rights, which involves constant public engagement including regular publishing, archiving audio- visual materials on the institute’s website. The Institute is also a centre of on-going activities through the work of various other hosted initiatives including the Karamah Initiative and the Idea Factory.