New training on social science research methodologies

Birzeit University’s Center for Development Studies launched a new training program on social science research methods. The program targets master’s degree students and undergraduate students who are expected to complete their degrees during the current academic year (2019–2020).

Amal Nazzal, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Business and Economics, provided the first training session via Zoom.

The program introduces participants to cutting-edge approaches and methodologies in social science research. It critically and constructively discusses the relevant methodologies, aiming to enable researchers to carefully choose their research topic and effectively collect and analyze data that pertain to conflict situations and war zones. The syllabus also covers ethnographic methods, outlining how researchers should take into consideration the cultural setting, the context of colonization, and the existence of wars when analyzing issues related to economics and development.

This training program is part of a project titled “Knowledge Production in Times of Flight and War,” funded by the Austrian Development Agency.

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