Birzeit professors, students help shape opinion on nanotechnology in symposium

Professors and students from Birzeit University’s Faculty of Science discussed the realities and possibilities of nanotechnology applications in Palestine in a two-day symposium organized by the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology on June 27 and 28, 2019. 

The symposium, held in Ramallah and including Gaza’s Al-Aqsa University via videoconference, involved international and Palestinian professors, experts, and students who assessed recent developments in nanotechnology and explored both local and international applications in relevant industries. 

Talal Shahwan, a professor of chemistry at Birzeit University, outlined the realities and challenges of nanotechnology in Palestine, whereas Khaled Eid, a professor of physics, led a lecture on managing ferrofluid motion titled “Controlling the Motion and Stopping of Ferrofluid Droplets Using Surface Tension Gradients and Uniform Magnetic Fields.” Khattab Abu Alrob, a physics majors, gave a poster presentation titled “ZnO Micro-Wires for Optical and Chemical Sensing.”