Student Affairs lecture discusses suicide warning signs, ways of seeking help

Said Shehadeh, a professor of social and behavioral science at Birzeit University and a counselor at the Deanship of Student Affairs, gave a lecture on preventing suicide and self-harm and detecting the warning signs associated with each, on October 18, 2018. 

Shehadeh gave a brief overview of suicide and self-harm, and discussed the factors that contribute to either, such as: psychological issues, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and social and familial circumstances. 

“Most people who have suicidal tendencies tend to display warning signs, and the best way to prevent suicide is to recognize those signs and understand how to address them,” Shehadeh noted, adding that some of the major suicide warning signs for those under distress are: talking aloud about taking their lives or harming themselves, talking or writing about death excessively, and seeking seclusion. 

Shehadeh wrapped-up the lecture by asking the students not to hesitate when calling for help, either for themselves, their relatives, or anyone they know. 

“Our team is ready to help students with any problems or issues they have,” said Samia Hawamdeh, one of the three counselors available at the Deanship of Student Affairs. “Any student can visit our offices and book an appointment with full confidentiality.”