BZU holds masters workshops on water and the environment

The Institute of Environmental and Water Studies at Birzeit University discussed the prospects and means of strengthening the Master’s Program in Water and Environmental Sciences and Water and Environmental Engineering, in two separate workshops on, as part of the Enhancing the Structure, Content and Outreach Project, which supports the two masters’ programs.

The first workshop targeted the stakeholders of the project, aiming to redefine the academic goals and outcomes of both programs in line with market needs.

The Director of the Project, Nidal Mahmoud, and members of the steering committee, including representatives from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Palestine Water Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Environment Quality Authority, in addition to representatives from the private sector and masters’ programs alumni, attended the workshop.

The second workshop enhanced the capacities of the Institute’s faculty, especially in developing new academic programs and courses according to the international standards.  Professor Peter Van Der Steen of the IHE Delft Institute presented the second workshop on water education.