Birzeit University 42nd Commencement Ceremonies Continue

Birzeit University continues the commencement ceremonies of the 42nd cohort of students. University President AbdulLatif Abuhijleh, members from the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and the students' families celebrated the graduation of the students from the faculties of Arts, Education and Science.

President Abuhijleh congratulated the students for their success. "We gather to celebrate a great rite of passage in our students' lives. They will enter the real life equipped with knowledge, culture and the spirit of creativity."

Abuhijleh reaffirmed the university's commitment in developing new academic programs as they can be powerful means through which the university evolve, meet the changing needs of student, workplace and society. He pointed out that the university will be launching new contemporary programs that will foster the growth of learning in the creative fields of design, visual and performing arts.

The president pointed out to the newly-launched "Student Leadership & Active Citizenship Program" that aims at enhancing students' capacities to meet the rigorous demands of university education, and boost their growth into good and active citizens. He also talked about "Masari" the career management system that the university recently inaugurated to connect Birzeit University students, graduates and alumni.

The Chairperson of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry Johnny Stiban, and professor of Mathematics Abdelrahim Mousa won the Distinguished Professor Award for their outstanding achievements in teaching, research and creativity that brought distinction to Birzeit University.

The Assistant Accountant at the Institute of Community and Public Health Manal Shaheen was recognized as the Employee of the Year. The Award was presented to BZU staff in recognition for their exceptional job performance and distinguished contributions to the university community.

At the end of the ceremony, Abu Hijleh read off the graduates’ names as they were handed their certificates. The graduates then professed their commitment to the graduates’ oath, which was read by Abu Hijleh.