BZU celebrates the 5th birthday of the Ethnographic and Art Museum

BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, stressed that the Ethnographic and Art Museum and the Virtual Gallery at BZU have effectively impacted the cultural life in Palestine and the Arab world. This came during a celebration, organized by the Ethnographic and Art Museum and the Virtual Gallery on 21 December 2010, marking the 5th year of its establishment, and in recognition of its founder, the Artist Vera Tamari.

Dr. Hindi said: "this year Vera will end her service at BZU, which lasted twenty-four years, concurring with the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Ethnographic and Art Museum and the Virtual Gallery at BZU. This achievement was the result of continuous efforts undertaken by the Artist and Academic Instructor, Vera, who was delegated by BZU to be the secretary of the founding committee for the promotion of cultural heritage in the late nineties. Since then, Vera has worked on the organization of art activities and events, which crystallized in 2005, with the founding of the museum and gallery, and managing them through a series of achievements. Despite the various challenges, such as the lack of financial and human resources, Vera was able, through her dedication and persistence, to achieve the goal that made BZU part of cultural and art scene, locally and internationally. "

He noted that during the past five years, the museum has been an excellent host  for many art exhibitions, while the Virtual Gallery is an online site -first of its kind- in the Palestinian cultural and art heritage, as an electronic archive in both Arabic and English languages. He added that the museum was able to offer different academic programs, and provides new horizons for volunteer service at the university, and a large space for students' interaction with exhibitions and art activities. Moreover, these years of intensive work have substantiated valuable partnerships with several local and international bodies.

Vera Tamari considered that her dream of establishing an ethnographic and art museum at BZU has become a beautiful reality, despite all the challenges that preceded the birth of the museum.

She affirmed that she is proud that her dream came to be true, despite the difficulties in funding and in finding the appropriate human resources, which is a vital task that requires knowledge of art and management of museums.

Tamari announced: "I am planning to donate my  library to BZU after my death, in recognition of BZU's role in supporting the Palestinian cultural and art life."

She said: "in 1982 I obtained a two year grant to study art at the University of Oxford, provided that I return to work at BZU for a period of four years, ironically, I have  worked 24 years. She noted: "I have developed  a Fine Arts program at BZU several years ago, which is still taught as is."

The staff of the Museum and the Virtual Gallery made a presentation of the art collections available online, through which visitors all over the world can access these valuable pieces.

At the end of the event, BZU President honored Ms. Vera Tamari for her distinguished efforts, as the Museum's staff gave her a stone plaque, describing the distance between the house of Vera Tamari and Jaffa (her city of origin).