The Faculty of Law and Public Administration at BZU organizes the 3rd Career Day for its graduate students

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration organized on 28 April 2011, the 3rd Career Day for its graduates under the diamond auspices of the Bank of Palestine and the silver sponsor, the Al-Ahram for Marble and Granite Company, and the gold sponsor, the Al Nasr for Engineering & Construction and Mena Investment. The event was attended by the Minister of Labor Dr. Ahmad Majdalani, Director of the General Personnel Council, Dr. Musa Abu Zaid, Director General of Administrative Affairs at the Office of the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mr. Ali Nazzal and representatives of twenty-six ministries and institutions, aiming to identify the most qualified graduates in order to recruit them..

In his opening address, BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, welcomed the distinguished guests and thanked the sponsors of the activity. He overviewed the Faculty and its programs, stating: "We are proud of working on  instilling the foundations of work ethics among our students and to invest in this generation and future generations, as an investment for the future of Palestine," relying on the role of ministries and institutions involved in the absorption of graduates due to their efficiency and labor market needs.. 

The Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Dr. Saleh Abdel Jawwad, emphasized the academic excellence of the Faculty's students, and their participation in extracurricular activities that support their studies and develop their culture. He added that the Faculty  hosts French and foreign experts to enrich the three programs offered by the Faculty, concluding  "I wish that the participating institutions will sign preliminary work agreements with the students today."

Dr. Ahmad Majdalani was pleased with the advanced model of education presented by  the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, which takes into account the needs of the Palestinian labor market. He emphasized the importance of continuous cooperation between the Palestinian universities and between the Palestinian sectors, noting that the Ministry of Labor has signed an agreement with the Institute of Law at BZU to review the laws and legislation relating to the Palestinian labor sector.

Dr. Musa Abu Zaid expressed his delight for being part of this important day in an important university as BZU, from which the best students graduate and a large number of them occupy important positions in the Palestinian Authority and private sector institutions. He spoke about an initiative by his Office to invest in distinguished students stating: " this year, the General Personnel Council, will nominate the most distinguished female and male student and provide them with an opportunity to seek their master's degree in two areas related to the needs of the Council, and thus be employed in the Council, stressing that employment at the PNA institutions is based on integrity and transparency.

Mr. Ali Nazzal said:"Our goal is to invest in the human  mind, as we hope that the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and the Palestinian universities will activate the principle of alignment between graduates and the needs of the Palestinian labor market." He concluded by directing a message to the graduates that the society swill  respect the graduates as much as the graduates respect themselves ".....

This was followed by songs and entertainment sessions by students of the Faculty, and then the student graduates proceeded with the getting to know the participating institutions.