Environmental Professor wins prestigious Arab award for scientific research

The professor Institute of Environmental and Water Studies at Birzeit University Maher Abu Madi is the winner of the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils of 2016 for his contribution to the water sector.

Abu Madi won the award for his research entitled “Farm-level perspectives regarding irrigation water prices in Tulkarem District-Palestine”. The research, published in the Journal of Agricultural Water Management, examined the impact of water pricing on agricultural water consumption and farming profitability, and provided guidelines for policy makers regarding water pricing as a tool to manage scarce water resources.

According to the research findings, the increase of irrigation water prices jeopardize farming feasibility and might have substantial impact on agricultural water consumption.

Commenting on winning the prize, Abu Madi said that the award says a lot about the university’s great support for the faculty’s scientific production, which made Birzeit University recognized among its peers in Palestine and the world.

He announced that he would present part of the award for the Student Fund at the University.

The Federation of Arab Scientific Research is an Arab organization that focuses on coordinating efforts and exchanging expertise between Arab scientific research institutions and centers. It endeavors to foster cooperation between them and provide opportunities for holding scientific encounters and organizing exchange of the findings of research and scientific knowledge.