New Study Seeks to Improve Conditions for Women Survivors of Violence

The Institute of Women’s Studies at Birzeit University has recently published a new book focusing on the reintegration of women survivors of violence.

The book, entitled “Reintegration of Women Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Combating Violence against Women in Palestinian Society”, includes a study conducted by Nida’ Abu Awwad, a member at the institute, and field researchers Eman Assaf and Arine Howari.

Institute director Eileen Kuttab said that the study describes women’s reality in Palestine, analyzes their conditions experiencing all forms of violence, and addresses essential changes to ensure the sustainability of violence survivors’ reintegration.

Kuttab stated that this study is part of the institute’s vision of producing academic and practical research aligned with the Palestinian context under colonization. “This book is a step towards change,” Kuttab emphasized.

The study was issued in Arabic and English. To read the full study: