Cultural Week Offers Books, Films and Artistic Performances

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Birzeit University celebrated the National Cultural Day recently, with daily events including book fair, special theater performances and screening of short films and documentaries.

The week was inaugurated with a short film screening“Five Boys and a Wheel”, directed by the Palestinian Said Zagha, was displayed on the opening day. The film tells the story of a teacher who has to regain his young son’s confidence and admiration through an act of violence.

A  book fair was also organized during the week in cooperation with Al Mawred Bookstore displaying prominent local and international productions of books in a wide variety of subjects. A short film,

Theatre performances were also held during the cultural week. “Abul Khayzaran Journeys”, was one of the performances. The play reflects the plight of Palestinians in Al Yaromouk Refugee camp in Syria. The play tells the story of thousands of civilians who were trapped in desperate humanitarian conditions in the camp where fighting has been raging for day between the Islamic fighting forces.

The Cultural week was concluded by a play produced by The Freedom Theatre, entitled “Going Back to Palestine”. The play tells normal routine of Palestinians with the Israeli occupation, which has taken their right of movement due the checkpoints and other restrictions on movement.

Activities coordinator Mohammad Hajj Ahmad said that the week’s activities provided a constructive outlet for students to express their feelings through arts, music and intellectual events. “National Cultural Week was very special due to the contribution and interaction of the student.