Lecture Series on Palestinian Prisoners Movement Concluded

The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, and the Program of Arabic and Literature recently concluded a joint course, "Prison Notebooks: The Palestinian Prisoners' Movement," hosting lawyer and Fateh Revolutionary Council member Fadwa Barghouti, who is married to Marwan Barghouti, the Fateh leader serving a sentence in an Israeli prison. Abla Saadat, the wife of prisoner Ahmad Sa'adat, and freed prisoner Iman Nafe'.

"The Freedom Lecture Series" conducted within the course, was first inaugurated in February 5, 2015. It focused on the Palestinian prisoner’s movement, detention, interrogation techniques, a philosophy of confrontation, Israeli judicial systems, organizational and social life, prison books and prisoners’ writings, children born to prisoners through the smuggling of sperm, Palestinian and international campaigns to liberate and exchange prisoners, and Palestinian and international prisoners’ institutions and associations.

The course featured freed prisoners to speak about each of the course topics. Prisoners Mohammad Mansour, Khader Qindah, Abdel Fatah Dawla,  Ahmad Qatamish, Wissam Rafidi, Walid Hodali, Mohammad Ayyad, and others addressed the students.