On World Cancer Day: BZU Joins Global Efforts to Combat Cancer

Entitled "We can, I can", The Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions at Birzeit University honored on January 10, 2017 "World Cancer Day", in a full day of interactive events, lectures and information sessions.

The one-day event aimed to promote good health and cancer prevention methods through focusing on control strategies to identify winning formulas that will accelerate progress in cancer treatment.

Exploring the relationship between mental and psychological health, and cancer cure, the psychological advisor at the Deanship of Student Affairs Amal Deheidal said in her lecture that "Hope is a key element of treating cancer." She pointed out that physiological fear and depression can only lead to a break down in the patients' immune system. Therefore, Treatment that deals with emotions can help people with cancer feel more upbeat and have a better quality of life.

"Just as cancer affects everyone in different ways, all people, who are close to the cancer patient, have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on the patients and their families."

Deheidal said that a big number of patients were able to beat chronic disease due to their mental health, and positive energy. "There is nothing that cannot be cured", she commented.

Fayza Tabkhna, mother of cancer patient, Fadi Tabakhna, who passed away a couple of weeks ago after 5 years of struggle with cancer attended the lecture.

Tabakhna told the story of her son, who was able to beat cancer more than once because of his strong will, positive energy and hope. She pointed out to the role of his doctors who gave him the boost he needed to maintain an optimistic mental status.

Public information booths were part of the Cancer Day, which included quick tips and guidelines on cancer's risk factors, treatment and prevention.