Farouk Yaghmour Explores Ideas on Modernity in Architecture

Palestinian Architecture Farouk Yaghmour presented in a lecture held on December 5, 2016 his architectural work and ideas. The lecture was organized Birzeit University's Department of Architecture.

Yaghmour is known for his cultural conscious work in the region and has carried out projects on a myriad of scales including interior design, architecture, urban design, and conservation and planning.

During the lecture, Yaghmour spoke on what architecture means to him and how his practice and daily experience inform him. He told the students' that they should work with determination and commitment, and to work innovatively, creatively and environmentally friendly.

Yaghmour pointed out that the projects should be simple and rational that is blended in with the surrounding community and environment.

Yaghmour is a holder of a Ph. D., Master and Bachelor degree of Architecture from the United States and Germany. He has established his Yaghmour Architects office in Amman-Jordan, Dubai-UAE and Bethlehem-Palestine and since then has been focusing on designing diverse innovative architectural projects in various scales. He has a wide range of experience in traditional to contemporary designs, renovation, reuse and rehabilitation of old buildings with distinguished historical backgrounds.