BUSA739 | موضوع خاص

The course covers principles of corporate governance, difference between the board and management, size, composition and role of the board of directors. The course highlights the principle and benefits of independent directors, executive and non-executive remuneration structure, shareholder rights and shareholder activism. The course deals with the integration of good corporate governance practices, assigning responsibilities within an institution, building a high performance board, and director duties and liabilities. Also the course tackles the effective control and management environment, particularly focusing on the audit committee, risk management and compliance requirements, the importance of a strong internal audit function, purpose and function of the audit committee, mergers and acquisitions, takeover defenses, role of financial institutions, analysts, creditors, and credit rating agencies. Beside that, the course reveals the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Finally, this will be connected with practical issues from the Palestinian circumstances; the evolution of corporate governance in Palestine, responsible party, Palestinian code and measuring techniques that assess the development of corporate governance for the listed companies.