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Israel forcing international lecturers out of West Bank Palestinian universities

We are now fighting to end escalating discriminatory Israeli policy aimed at preventing international academics from staying in the West Bank and refusing to renew visas for those with teaching contracts.



September 3, 2019

University Affiliations

Working together with higher education institutions and organizations, both locally and internationally, to establish fruitful, long-term academic partnerships that strengthen the university’s leading role.


President's Palestinian Diaspora Grant- PAS Program

This grant will help enable our Palestinian student body in the diaspora to learn Arabic in their homeland.


Research & Projects

Ranging from basic and applied research to capacity development and curricular reform in collaboration with local, regional and international partners

Constitutional law professor delves into justiciability, enforcement of economic and social rights in Palestinian Basic Law

By Dr. Asem Khalil

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Right to Education rejects repeated arrests of Birzeit University students
The R2E Campaign expresses grave concern over the repeated Israeli detentions of Birzeit University students, which have increased in intensity in the past two months especially with the beginning of the new academic year of 2019-2020.
International Summer Camp
Since 1981, the camp brings together local and international youth for a unique experience of Palestinian culture, politics and language.
Volunteer & Community Service
Our flagship program giving students the opportunity to make a difference to their surrounding and gain invaluable experiences and exchanges
Right to Education Campaign
Founded in 1988 by BZU community to expose the violations of human rights and obstruction to education by the illegal Israeli Occupation.

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