Sustainable Engineering in Production

Sustainable engineering programme at Birzeit University aims at contributing in the sustainable development in Palestine, by raising the national industrial quality and production level while preserving the environment and efficiently utilizing resources.

This is consistent with the international trends for conserving natural resources, utilizing renewable energy resources, taking into account water conservation, pollution reduction and implementing Reuse Remanufacture, and Recycle processes. Therefore, the programme conforms very well to the principles of sustainability in manufacturing, and production processes in the industrial sectors in Palestine and abroad.

The main objective of the programme is to build Palestinian human resources in sustainable engineering. Graduates of this programme will have a comprehensive overview in sustainable production. They can integrate sustainability through efficient utilizing of materials, water and energy while decreasing their influence on environment. They will gain analytical tools for the evaluation and assessment of sustainability through life cycle analysis.

The programme aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Development of production processes and quality control in national industry to increase competitive capabilities of local products.
  • Qualifying local human resources and providing engineers with analytical tools in the fields of quality, sustainability and clean production.
  • Enhancing the required skills for sustainable development, resource efficiency and utilization of local resources while preserving the environment.
  • Establishing scientific research in quality control, sustainable and clean production and its applications.
  • Knowledge of challenges of energy, green energy and renewable energy.
  • Knowledge of the sustainability in production and cleaner production
  • Knowledge of principles of quality and quality control in production lines
  • Ability of testing the product lifecycle and its relationship with environment and sustainable energy
  • Ability to use the environment and quality management
  • Ability of applying sustainability in production and production lines
  • Automation of production processes by using computerized techniques
  • Differentiation between advanced and conventional production techniques
  • Implementation of project management and engineering economy in production processes
  • Scientific writing, ethics and communication skills
  • Using experimental methods for analysis and synthesis of new experiments
  • Using scientific research and data analysis in studying production techniques
  • Manager / production engineer
  • Sustainable product design engineer
  • Quality and sustainability engineer
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Industrial project manager