Major Psychology/ Minor Women's Studies

Training of students to have the necessary qualifications and expertise to understand and deal with psychological issues and phenomena.  The program also seeks to develop students’ skills and abilities of to understand psychology in critical manner and applied it creatively. In addition, the program pays special attention to develop students’ research skills, their professional qualifications, and well as their personal and life skills.        

The Psychology program seeks to prepare and train students who are specialized in psychology and are able to work in a professional manner in different fields of psychology and psychological support and are able to contribute to the development of their society.  

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Understand psychological theories and concepts. 
  • Understand qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as principles of statistics.
  • Analyze and to think critically and scientifically especially when dealing with psychological issues.
  • Have the proper research and scientific writing skills.
  • Deal with people with special needs.
  • Use databases and e-sources as well as and hard-copy sources.
  • Use and apply psychological approaches in providing counseling and psychological support.

Graduates of the program in Palestine can work at:

  • Institutions that work in the sector of psychological health.
  • Institutions that work at projects that provide psychological support.
  • Educational institutions that need to provide psychological counseling such as schools.
  • Research centers.
  • Women institutions and organizations .