Preparing and qualifying highly specialized graduates in applied, physical and human geography to enable them compete for jobs in the fields of environment, planning, development, water, agriculture and education. The program also aims at developing and enhancing the students’ capacities and skills in employing and using the latest technologies such as, geographical information systems, remote sensing, and quantitative analysis in addition to the various fields of studies and scientific research in geography to contribute to enhancing scientific knowledge and employing it to serve the society. This goal can be achieved through proper understanding of fully integrated management and comprehensive planning which are considered the basics for sustainable development.

  • Enhancing and deepening vocational experiences of students specialized in geography and its branches.
  • Preparing distinguished qualified cadre, equipped with knowledge and modern technology and able to contribute in developing the practices in sustainable development.
  • Activating and encouraging conducting research in geography and its branches among graduates.
  • Contributing in raising the level of research and scientific studies in the branches of geography and the related fields of development.
  • Contributing in producing highly qualified cadre in teaching geography and its branches in schools, colleges and universities.
  • Gradates able to participate effectively in the process of sustainable development and able to compete in the labor market.
  • Advanced and thorough scientific research and studies in geography.

Planning, environment, education, works, housing, water, energy, security, transport, tourism, archeology public, natural resources, forests, departments and institutions of research and studies, foreign affairs, natural resources.