Gender and Development Studies

To contribute to developing a qualified academic staff, the Institute has taught gender issues in the various academic fields, provided opportunities for graduate studies, introduced the students to the ongoing controversy around women issues at the global and regional levels, and encourage them to participate in the ongoing debate through engaging in workshops and research. Enhancing such academic endeavors aspires to impacting  formal and informal national policies.

  • Expanding and deepening students’ knowledge of existing theory and concepts related to gender and development on the international, regional and Palestinian levels.
  • Developing students’ analytical and critical abilities when dealing with and evaluating policies and developmental programs from a gender perspective.
  • Developing students’ abilities to conduct research that contributes to the identification of the need for integrating gender in developmental sectors, and obstacles hindering it.

The Program aims to develop students’ abilities in four areas.

  • Theory and concepts essential to understanding contemporary social issues, including those relating to the fields of development and gender.
  • Methodology, involving analysis and critical thinking, in evaluating development and legislative policies.
  • Needs assessment and analysis of obstacles involved in the creation and implementation of policy and programs relating to development.