Business Administration

hrough its competent and experienced faculty members and use of innovative learning and teaching methods, the program seeks to develop and enhance the leadership role of our candidates by providing them with industry knowledge, coupled with theoretical skills. The course focuses on enforcing candidates’ critical thinking skills and decision-making abilities. This is undertaken through a stimulating learning environment encouraging research and applicable projects within a team dynamic.

The program aims to prepare students to excel in managerial and decision making positions in both the private and public sectors through providing them with the necessary and relevant theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition to focusing on the study of practical cases and their subsequent analysis, the acquisition of necessary skills in making critical managerial decisions is paramount. Moreover, the program seeks to encourage candidates to understand the local and global business environment while enabling them to think strategically in their decision making capacities.

  • Provide students with the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Focus on the study of practical cases and analyze them to acquire the skills necessary in making various administrative decisions.
  • Encourage applicants to understand the local and international business environment surrounding them and enable them to think in a strategic way when making decisions.
  • Excellence in the fields of higher education, scientific research and community service.
  • Encourage innovation, experience, creativity, perfection and group work.
  • Develop their personalities and cultivate their talents.
  • Foster entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Administrative jobs in private sector institutions in particular, public sector, non-governmental – non profitable sector.
  • The management of divisions, units, organizations and projects in different fields and administrative levels.
  • Project management and other regulatory patterns.