The Faculty of Engineering and Technology was launched in 2014 following the merging of the faculties of Engineering and Faculty of Information Technology. Since their establishment in 1979 and 2006, respectively, the two faculties have educated engineers and professionals in computer science, and have kept their curricula and academic programs at the cutting edge of new knowledge and technology, encouraging excellence and creativity among their faculty members and students.

The Faculty comprises the following academic departments:

  • Department of Electrical engineering and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
  • Department of Architectural Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science

Undergraduate Programs

The Faculty offers 7 academic programs leading to bachelor degrees in Engineering. All of these programs offer a general track as well as a number of concentration areas that students may opt to take in their final academic year to enhance their competitiveness after graduation. All programs have integrated internships into their graduation requirements. The five-year programs are Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and Spatial Planning Engineering. In addition, the Faculty offers a four-year academic program leading to a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Admission requirements are mainly based on student achievements in the Tawjihi or its equivalent as published by the University at the beginning of each academic year. Effective year 2016, students can only apply for direct admission to all 8 programs as general admission is no longer an option. However, students can transfer to other programs provided they fulfil the minimum requirements for each academic program as published by the relevant departments.


Graduate Programs

The Faculty offers 5 two-year academic programs leading to master degrees (as both thesis and non-thesis tracks) in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture (UPLA), Computing (MCOM), Sustainable Engineering in Production (ENSU), Software Engineering (SWEN), and Electrical Engineering (JMEE) in either Telecommunication or Power concentrations..

In addition, the Faculty shares in offering the master program in Water and Environmental Engineering offered by the Faculty of Graduate studies.