Application Requirements

Application Requirements and Instructions

Applicants Must:

1. Be currently living in diaspora
2. Be between 18 and 40 years old
3. Fulfil the requirements needed for admission in the PAS Program (please see the first page of the application)
4. Write a personal statement (explain why you are applying for the grant)
5. Supply documented proof of origin. For example, a letter from the Palestinian Embassy or any other Palestinian Diaspora bodies, a copy of any official documents (IDs, birth certificates, passports, etc.) from a second- or third-generation family member

Note:  Documentation can be obtained from the mother’s side or the father’s side.


1.  Fill out the PAS Application.

2. Put a note on the 2nd page of the application that you are applying for the grant.

All documents can be sent by email.

Accepted applicants must:

1-         Attend all classes and do all the homework to obtain a final grade.  Auditing the courses is not allowed.

2-        Take one Arabic course and the Palestine Question course.

3-        Attend all the field trips and lectures offered by the program (cost of field trips and food are the responsibility of the student).

4-        Write a report /daily log about the student experience in the program reflecting how such experience enhanced their knowledge of Palestine.

5-         Expect to do some community or voluntary work (to be determined upon arrival).

Important notes:

1.  Each applicant will receive a formal letter of general acceptance into the program if their application meets all the needed requirements, regardless of the date of application.

2.   Scholarships will be granted after the Review Committee studies all scholarship applicants within the first week following the application deadline. Please refer to the academic calendar of the PAS Program.

To receive the application form, academic calendar and the PAS brochure, please send an email to