Leadership Program

Birzeit University focuses on empowering its students both academically and personally. At a time when the university is keen on modernizing its programs to meet labor market needs, it also works to strengthen student character through freedom of expression and a democratic atmosphere that helps to create future leaders in Palestine and abroad and its leadership program.

The Birzeit University leadership program is multidisciplinary and involves four courses for undergraduate students where students complete their studies through professional practice, accumulating at least 100 points while participating in a number of local and international leadership activities. The program prepares students for success in the workplace, and enables them to serve the community after being provided with knowledge and leadership skills. The program also provides students with opportunities to review and focus on new leadership models and to apply theories and models of contemporary leadership to meet the challenges of real life.


To prepare and inspire moral, efficient, open-minded and smart leaders to become catalysts for change.


The program aims to foster and promote the following values ​​among graduates:

  • Respect: self-respect and treating others with respect, kindness, and positivity, in addition to respecting the rights of others, and respect for the environment and the world around them
  • Responsibility: to assume responsibility and fulfill obligations
  • Honesty: honest, trustworthy and loyal behavior
  • Empathy: understanding the feelings of others and trying to understand their views, even though in disagreement
  • Equity: to feel the needs of others, to “treat others as you would like to be treated,” and advocate for human rights
  • Initiative: to take initiative without being asked, and take the first step towards achieving the goal
  • Persistence: stick to a goal and work hard even in the face of obstacles and challenges, and complete all tasks and duties
  • Righteousness: Honesty in what you say and do, as well as in what you believe and how you behave
  • Courage: to face challenges head-on, request help from others when necessary, do the right thing even when awkward, be able to recognize risks and dangers, and avoid risk that garners approval but is unnecessary
  • Optimism: maintain a positive attitude and look on the bright side, be able to see opportunities even in adversity, and hope for the future

The Leadership Program is designed to help graduates in:

  • Competing in local and international markets by providing graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and best practices in communications, initiative, effective negotiation skills, flexibility, critical thinking and leadership skills
  • Provide opportunities for graduates to improve their leadership skills and talents
  • Promote self-awareness and enhance the quality of their skills and strengthen their personalities
  • Motivate them to be open-minded as a catalyst for change
  • Master the science of cross-cultural communication skills
  • Guide them to become highly ethical leaders, advocate continuous learning, and hold values of responsible citizenship, transparency, justice, mutual respect and teamwork
  • Prepare students to become exemplary citizens with social, political and moral responsibility
  • Promote students’ entrepreneurship, creativity and innovative skills
  • Assist in determining their interests, demands and talents, and provide them with the necessary knowledge and capacity building

The leadership program is open to all sophomore and junior undergraduate students at Birzeit University. Registration for its courses is done through the Admissions and Registration Office. Students will be awarded a certificate in leadership upon the completion of program requirements. Admission to the program is based on grade point average and students’ record of participation in leadership activities.

Students who have met the program requirements are awarded a certificate of leadership, while those who fall short of the requirements are not awarded the leadership certificate.

The courses and activities of the leadership program aim to provide students with a solid base of leadership models, theories, research and opportunities for the application of this knowledge in real life. Through this program, students will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge in their work, and to practice basic skills in effective leadership and to engage in discussions with teachers and students in various disciplines.

Students will have the opportunity to choose one course that is approved by the program coordinator from a set of optional courses that serve the purpose of the program.

Students who are interested in obtaining the leadership certificate must write three research papers related to the specialization, as part of the required courses and/or leadership course requirements. It is recommended for students to refer to the trainer in that respect, and the trainer will provide a recommendation to the program coordinator. The student should present at least one of these research papers in an open seminar before the university community.

An important element in the leadership program is the experience of practicing leadership through an adopted list of activities, gaining at least 100 points. The purpose is to encourage students to develop and explore a wide range of basic skills and competencies in the context of leadership.

Below is a list of the activities in which students may participate. The students involved are allowed to participate in other unlisted activities upon the approval of the program coordinator.




Minimum requirement of activities to earn the specified number of points


Student & visitors’ exchange/ Study abroad



For students who obtained study grants

25 points for 6-month period, 50 points for one-year period. Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization.


To study abroad for 6-12 months


Students who are studying abroad at their own expenses

25 points for 6-month period, 50 points for one-year period. Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Professional training abroad (practical)



Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Local professional training


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Planner/coordinator for activities and contests at the university



Recommendation from the supervisor


Practicing  leadership and taking initiative for voluntary work, local or abroad


Recommendation from the supervisor


Participation in international contests


10 points for participation only, 20 points in the event of winning

Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Presenting a paper in an international conference


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Participating in a local conference


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Presenting a paper in a local conference


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Participating in local debates


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization, and DVD for the debate


Participating in international debates


10 points for participation only, 20 points on the event of winning.



To lead a youth society or student club at the university


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


To participate in workshops


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


To complete an additional course in leadership in the university or any other university


Certificate or transcript of grades


To participate in local contests at the university


10 points for participation only, 20 points in the event of winning.

Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


To assist in conducting activities related to international relations, such as students’ and teachers’ exchange program, in addition to coordination for international academic delegations


Recommendation from the supervisor


Obtaining a high grade in the IELTS and/or TOFEL exams, or any other exams


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Obtaining a high grade in the GRE and/or GMAT


Credentials to be submitted to the hosting organization


Permanent membership in a professional organization


Recommendation from the supervisor


Arranging visits for prominent speakers


An official invitation and a visit report are requested

* Note:

The total score of activities numbered 3 to 20 is 145, and accordingly, students who have not participated in the visitors’ exchange program or study abroad programs for a period of one or two semesters can still accumulate the required points. The minimum required score in the program is 100 points. However, students may participate in as many activities as they want, and this is what is recommended.

Each student should prepare a special file including the documents and credentials required for each activity, arranged neatly in order to facilitate the review process by the program coordinator. Other documents that may be added to the file include:

  • A profile paper that includes the name and address of the student, his/her faculty,specialization, and the name of the leadership course instructor, if any
  •  A copy of admission to the leadership program
  • Past and current leadership activities with all related credentials
  • Technical objectives for the future development of leadership skills
  • A transcript of grades in the leadership courses
  • The required impact of leadership activities and practices



Course Descriptions

  • Foundations of Leadership (BUSA4321)

Managerial skills; problem solving; managing human resources; performance evaluation; traditional and contemporary leadership theories; transactional and transformational leadership; bases and rules used in successful leaderships; decision making, planning and communicating in leadership; group leading; motivational leading and relation, trust, vision and charisma.

  • Effective Communication for Leaders (English) (BUSA2321)

Defining managerial concepts; managerial skills; decision making; problem solving; managerial functions; communications processes with special emphasis on interpersonal, intercultural, internal organizational processes experienced at individual, group and organizational levels; contemporary issues in the business environment; proposal and report writing and presentation skills.

  • Effective Communication for Leaders (Arabic) (ARAB2331)

The foundations of effective communication skills in Arabic in multiple critical areas, the relationship between the elements/poles of the communication process, the analysis of written and oral speeches, performing ability in the Arabic language in four different forms of communication and its objectives, and adaptation of speech, cultural and social sensitivities and gender, ethnic and other in the Arab context. Strengthen teamwork and integrate members’ intelligence and their linguistic and stylistic integrity of Arab and fluency.