Potential new partnership in music teaching with the Geneva University of Music

A delegation from the Geneva University of Music (Haute école de musique de Genève), represented by the Head of the Orchestral Instruments Department Patrick Lehmann, and Communication and Public Relations Manager Rubli Joëlle visited Birzeit University and looked into the possibility of future cooperation with the recently inaugurated Faculty of Arts, Music and Design. The delegation met with the dean of the faculty Shadi Ghadban, Director of the Bachelor Program in Arabic Music Yacoub Hammouda, and Officer of the External Academic Relations Amir Khalil.

The potential collaboration includes exchanging faculty and students between the two institutes, hosting visiting musicians from Geneva University, and organizing joint conferences and workshops in Arabic music. Geneva University is a prominent cultural institution and has developed important partnerships with many institutions of higher education throughout the Mediterranean region. Ghadban assured, “The range of possibilities that can develop between the Arabic music program and Geneva University of Music’s students and staff will make this relationship exceptional and exciting for both parties.”

The dean pointed out that “through the strong relationships with local and international musical organizations, we will be able to create unique opportunities for our students and graduates, future musicians that will be recognized in Palestine and overseas.” 

Lehmann and Joëlle talked about the programs that Geneva University of Music offers, focusing on the history and style of music, from mediaeval to contemporary compositions and on non-European music.

The Geneva University of Music comprises six departments, each with its own teaching, research, and production activities: the Keyboard Department, the Orchestra Department, the Vocal Department, the Early Music Department, the Music and Movement Department, and the Composition and Theory Department. These departments are linked by various common activities (ensemble work and work between composers, improvisers, and performers) and are involved in multidisciplinary partnerships with other schools. 

A memorandum of understanding will soon be developed between the two institutions.