Ecuador brings its culture to campus

The Deanship of Student Affairs and the External Academic Relations Office at Birzeit University inaugurated on April 10, 2017 the Ecuador Week in Birzeit University, where students will have the opportunity to get closer to the Ecuadorian culture through visual arts and folklore exhibitions.

The week started with an exhibition of paintings, photographs, traditional handmade textiles, in addition to an Ecuadorian music performance.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs Henry Giacman said that the university seeks to strengthen its relations with Latin America. “Latin countries have always been great supporters of Palestine. Therefore, it is vital to expand our academic networks with our peers.”

The Director of the External Academic Relations Office Amir Khalil underscored the university’s efforts to advocate internationalism through the expansion of international academic networks and bilateral relationships.

The Ecuador's Ambassador to Palestine Javier Santos Plazarte said that this week aims at strengthening the cultural interaction between both countries. “Ecuador seeks to promote the “Theory of Good Life”, which contributes in building strong-ties based on justice, equality and peace with the international communities.”

During the week, a public lecture on means of implementing the “Good Life” theory in Ecuador, and artistic and musical performances. The week will also include a film screening entitled “Royal Court”.