Birzeit University permanent member at Association of Arab Universities

The Association of Arab Universities, consisting of 350 universities from 22 countries of the Arab region, announced Birzeit University as a permanent member of its Council for Training Students of Arab Universities in its last session that was held at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and featured presidents of Arab universities.

The forum comprises 13 members - five of which are permanent members and eight non-permanent members elected for three-year terms - and aims to assist with and coordinate the efforts of Arab universities to prepare qualified graduates who are able to serve their Arab communities and preserve their culture and civilization as well as assist in developing their natural resources.

Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al Ahmad explained that the Association of Arab Universities coordinates the work of member universities and enables them to establish better policies and mechanisms to provide quality education that hones students’ professional skills, fosters their creativity and encourages critical thinking. He added that the association opens the door for students to participate in academic conferences and cultural events and learn from other countries’ experiences.

The university, represented by Al Ahmad, also participated in a symposium - organized by the Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities and held at the University of Jordan - which focused on how to enable youth to become more creative and better educated.

In a meeting of the executive committee, Al Ahmad discussed prospects of enhancing cooperation with the association regarding the development of teaching, professional training, and creativity among students.