Birzeit University Marks the Beginning of New Academic Year (2018-19)

Celebrating the start of the 2018-19 academic year, Birzeit University President Abullatif Abuhijleh encouraged new and returning students to take the most of their journey at Birzeit University to become strong, independent and innovative leaders.

The university welcomed a cohort of around 3500 students enrolled in the university’s nine faculties.  With the new enrollees, the total number of students at Birzeit University now totals around {14,000}.

 “As we mark the beginning of the new academic year at Birzeit University”, Abuhijleh said, “We welcome both new and returning students who are all integral to the continued development of the university. It is our hope that we will be able to create a journey of transformative growth for our students and help them find a place within the tapestry of the real life after graduation.”

The start of the new academic year marks the inauguration of the university’s ninth faculty; The Faculty of Art, Music and Design. It is comprised of three programs that will lead to Bachelor degree in Contemporary Visual Art, Arabic Music and Design.

Students can now enroll in the new academic program of Actuarial Finance; an interdisciplinary program that uses mathematical and statistical models to assess and manage risk in insurance and pension industries to solve emerging financial and social problems.  They will also have the opportunity to participate in global actions of environmental protection and preservation, through the newly launched program in Environmental Engineering.  The program encompasses the scientific assessment and development of engineering solutions to environmental problems, by exploring the inter-dependencies between pressing environmental concerns and development pressures, such as rapid urban development, scarcity of natural resources, and the rapid growth of population.

The university is also proud to continue offering the “Leadership and Active Citizenship Program- Masari”, which targets the university’s undergraduates. Masari is a flagship co-curricular program that engages Birzeit University undergraduate students in an interactive and transformative learning journey.  The journey empowers them to take charge of their future, challenge the status-quo, and bring about meaningful and sustainable positive change in their immediate communities.

 “It is our job as educators is to make sure that students’ knowledge is utilized in each classroom and every workplace that every student has a chance to achieve at high levels to fulfill their hopes and dreams. The journey is going to be tiring, but we cannot let the challenges cloud our ambitions for the future,” Abuhijleh addressed the students.