About the Alumni Engagement Program

Over 37,000 people all over the world are proud to call themselves Birzeit Alumni. During the past 94 years, the alumni knowledge, achievements, accomplishment and expertise have been recognized in various fields. We want to hear your success stories to inspire students, and provide them with role models to look up to. Also, make sure that we keep you all connected and informed of what is happening at the University and what is happening with you all.

Our Mission

We aim to stay in touch and well connected with all alumni around the world, and make sure they are part of BZU community through a dedicated programme of reunions, events, publications, correspondents, annual meetings, online networking sites, and any other activities. We value your opinion; please share with us any suggested ideas of events in order for us to facilitate it.

What is it for you?

As an alumnus you will be part of BZU community that is located around the world. We can help you by opening doors for you through the alumni networks we have. Also maintain the friendships made through the University.